OpenCircle leverages social networking technologies, sophisticated GUIs and robust eCommerce platforms to create feature-rich end-user experiences.

Begin with a few of the Web’s most popular open-source platforms:

Free, flexible, powerful open source content management systemGo explore!

Vibrant community-based, open-source PHP 5 codeGo explore!

The Web’s premier, feature-rich, adaptive eCommerce platformGo explore!

Add decades of our specialized coding expertise and a growing community of:

  • More than 13,000 dependable developer/contributors and unique modules
  • Passionate, award-winning talent representing the top 1% of developers
  • Experienced front- and back-end Web architecture engineers
Mix well. Serve straight up, with just the right amount of code.

Makes a visually stunning, functionally sublime, profitable work of art. Recipes are available.

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