Drupal — Limited Only by Imagination

Drupal consulting; development that includes performance tuning, theming, and customized modules; high performance managed hosting. Our consulting and design services also include User Experience, User Interface and Information Architecture.
"Drupal" is a free, flexible, powerful and prolific open source content management system that functions as the back-end architecture for millions of Web sites. Due to its extremely modular design, Drupal is often leveraged for business collaboration, asset and information management. Currently used as the foundation for high-profile sites like yahoo.com and whitehouse.gov, Drupal is divided into two basic components:
  • Drupal Core — now nearing its 7th iteration, the default configuration of Drupal features capabilities like user account registration and maintenance, menu management, GUI customization, RSS feeds, blogging, forums, user-generated content and system administration
  • Drupal Community — featuring an ever-evolving supply of more than 6,000 custom extensions that alter, expand and enhance its behavior and appearance, this is where the magic of Drupal development truly shines

OpenCircle — the Essence of Drupal

Specializing in social publishing and community-centric Web platforms, OpenCircle is a rare collaboration of passionate, talented individuals who represent the top 1% of Drupal developers, award-winning graphic designers and veteran content strategists.

OpenCircle was founded in 2000 to leverage social networking technologies using open source software. We tailor Drupal’s sophisticated programming interface to create feature-rich end-user experiences that match the diverse needs of our clientele. With staff in Dallas, San Francisco, Oregon, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York, OpenCircle is built by and for the community it serves.

OpenCircle provides specific expertise in:

  • eCommerce platforms
  • Enterprise-level CMS functionality
  • Site design, theming and hosting
  • Software architecture
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) methods
  • Social publishing techniques
  • AJAx-based & XML Webservice API's
  • Email marketing
  • Server infrastructure

Whether your online community is hundreds or millions of active members, lean on OpenCircle and expect stellar performance marked by velocity, security and scalability. Simply put: your URL will sing.

Curious? Contact OpenCircle at 877.494.2850 or Get a Quote.