SolidSupport — Hassle-Free Site Maintenance

A website well-defended against potential vulnerabilities and fully optimized to perform important business tasks is the only kind of online investment worth making. Many capable web development languages like Zend Framework, Magento and Drupal are designed to prevent underperformance and protect against insecurity.
However, in order to maintain site-wide security and optimization features, these applications generate frequent reports — messages that can often become annoying. Many of our clients prefer to avoid the hassle of attempting to understand, address and resolve these issues altogether.

Why Dabble in the Details?

We created OpenSupport™ as an invisible, behind-the-scenes site-administration solution capable of:
  • Aggregating, streamlining and simplifying the update process
  • Shifting all maintenance requirements to our dedicated, expert team
  • Providing 24x7 security updates, module revisions, patch installs, bug fixes, QA tests and data backups

Don't let website updates drive your daily business. Offload the "techy stuff" with OpenSupport™ and focus on vital revenue-generating activities.

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